Academic Research and Writing

BUS 149 – Academic Research and Writing
Lecturer: Mr. Omer Farouk

-Room Number: 319

Dear Students, I will upload here all the topics as well as the individual assignments and other important dates. Please check your lecture notes regularly.

Coursebook: Academic Writing – from paragraph to essay

Other very important sources: Dear students, Please have the passion to expand your knowledge

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Turnitin (Very important, even before uploading to google drive)

Make sure to Submit your Academic Research and writing assignments to Turnitin to check if your assignment hsa been copied, paraphrased or written by AI.

Please find the Class ID and Enrolment key below: Don’t share the link anywhere or with anyone and avoid submitting in different assignment. Sharing the information would result in losing the marks of all the assignment and some other consequences by the department.

Group (A): Class ID          42138254                                 Enrolment key: ARW-2023
Group (B):Class ID           42138264                                 Enrolment key: ARW-2023

Don’t forget the hard copy as well 


Weeks Download Lecture Note
Week 1 Understanding Academic Research and Writing
Week 2 Genre of Academic Writing
Week 3 Fundamentals of Academic Paragraphs
Week 4 Fundamentals of Academic Paragraphs
Week 5 Research Methodology
Week 6 Research Methodology
Week 7 Resaerch Process
Week 8  Resaerch Process
Week 9 Citation, Referencing and Plagiarism
Week 10 Citation, Referencing and Plagiarism

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