Immunohistochemistry Lecturer: Dr. Ahmed Hamdey Weeks Download Lecture Note Week 1 Immunohistochemsitry- Introduction and Lec-1 2024 Week 2 Immunohistochemsitry-Lec-1 and 2 -2024 Week 3 Immunohistochemsitry-Lec-3-4- 2024 Week 4 Immunohistochemsitry-Lec-3-4- 2024 Week 5 Immunohistochemsitry-Lec-5. 2024 Week 6 Immunohistochemsitry-Lec-6 2024 Week 7 Immunohistochemistry IHC Students Hand Book 2024 Week 8 Midterm Exam Week 9 Week 10 Week

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Disable Children’s Smile (Community Project )

On the 7th of November 2023, our second-grade students from the Physiotherapy department at Tishk International University, under the guidance of Ms. Snur, embarked on a heartwarming community project at the Helena Center. This initiative was focused on applying physiotherapy techniques to children with cerebral palsy, bringing joy through thoughtful gifts. The children’s delight was

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